Every Participant of First Airdrop needs to fill this form to avail your Airdrop tokens. x

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Note: I understand that on click of Submit button, I agree to KIBIS Airdrop participation Rules and I understand that I shall receive Tokens only after the completion of the Token sale.

How to join?

1- Fill in the above Airdrop form.

2- Join the Telegram group and post a comment - 10 Token 

3- Like and comment on KIBIS’s Facebook - 10 Token

4- Follow KIBIS on Twitter and Re-tweet a Tweet -10 Token

5- Follow KIBIS and comment on Instagram - 10 Token

    Get 10 Additional KIBIS Tokens

  • - Earn 5 KIBIS Tokens - Subscribe KIBIS’s Subreddit and comment.

  • - Earn 5 KIBIS Tokens by following the below steps:-

A- Tweet about the KIBIS using the hashtags - #kibis #kibiskiosk #selfservicekiosk

B- Make a Post on Facebook using the hashtags - #kibis #kibiskiosk #selfservicekiosk

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Participation Rules

1- Follow us on all the social media channels, enter your username and other related information in the specified fields.

2- Breaking any rules and Duplicate information will result in disqualification from our Airdrop participation

3- Token distribution will commence only after reaching the Soft Cap.

4- Spamming & FUD in KIBIS Network’s Telegram group will result in an immediate ban from Airdrop and our Telegram group.

5- Do not promote other projects/links on any social media channels, even as usernames.

6- The participant must continue being a part of all our social channels, as mentioned in the Airdrop form, till the Token distribution, is completed.

7- KYC is not required to participate in KIBIS Airdrop.

8- Every participant can get Up to 50 (Worth $15) KIBIS Tokens (1 KIBIS Token = 0.30 USD).

9- Every Participant of First Airdrop needs to fill this form to avail your Airdrop tokens.

10- Restricted countries for Airdrop: United States of America, Canada, China, South Korea, Nepal, Bangladesh, Macedonia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco.

Frequently asked questions

KIBIS is a secure, fast and efficient option for people to easily access financial services whenever and wherever they want. Our multi-faceted project incorporates Self-service kiosks, blockchain architecture, advertising revenue streams and cryptocurrency mining. KIBIS coin will decentralize market transactions, order book matching execution and high throughput payments with our e-Wallet payment network.
You will get your Airdrop tokens after the reaching Softcap. To stay up to date, Join us on Telegram Group: https://t.me/KIBISofficial
No, we will not post any information publicly. You will receive a confirmation by email along with your participation ID. After the verification of your tasks, you will receive another verification email. While filling up the form, please make sure all the information is correct. Gmail occasionally sends our email to your "Promotions" tab, while Outlook may send it to "Spam" folder. Please check all folders & tabs for our confirmation email.
No. You cannot refer friends who referred you to join our Airdrop.
You can send you a question to sm@kib.is Or for instant help, Please contact us on the Telegram Group.
Follow our Website https://www.kib.is/ to know about project timelines.

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